Tips For luggage buying guide

Tips For luggage buying guide in 2021

Whether for business trips, family vacations or city trips: Stable and reliable pieces of luggage are essential when traveling. If you are traveling with several people or if your needs change frequently, buying a suitcase set is particularly useful. So you get several cases of the same design in different sizes. Often the series also contain matching travel bags or toiletry bags so that you are well equipped even for short stays. The pieces of luggage can be stowed together to save space and are usually cheaper than individual suitcases. In this guide you will find out how to recognize a good suitcase set and what to look out for before leaving.

What should I look out for when buying a luggage set?

Which suitcase set is best for you depends on various factors. First of all, you should determine how many people would like to use the suitcase set. Are you two? Then a two or three-part set is usually sufficient. However, if a family of four or five is to be equipped, you can fall back on appropriately larger sets. A more extensive collection is also recommended for individuals who often vary between short and long stays. We have summarized other important aspects for you below:

Material selection :

Nowadays most cases are equipped with castors. However, the differences in quality are enormous. Therefore, make sure that the installed rollers are ball-bearing rollers that are positioned as far out as possible: This reduces the risk of tipping over.
Stability: Regardless of whether you opt for a fabric or hard case – the resilience of the item of luggage is of enormous importance for its longevity. This also applies to the clean processing of the material: Loose seams or wobbly telescopic rods should be avoided, especially if you travel
Equipment: Extras such as dividing plates or loops for attaching the travel bag help to organize your luggage sets optimally.


While hard-shell cases are mostly made of aluminum, polycarbonate or polypropylene, polyester, nylon, or leather are often used for soft-shell cases. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, which will now be examined.

The trolley

Regardless of the material used, so-called trolleys represent the most popular construction of all suitcase models. The trolley offers the user maximum comfort during transport thanks to its (mostly extendable) telescopic rod and its practical roller feet. The height-adjustable handle guarantees back-friendly transport. In addition to classic trolley models with two wheels, versions with four wheels are also available in stores. The following applies to the selection:

Rubber rollers are quieter than plastic wheels
The larger the rollers, the easier it is for them to move even over uneven flooring
So-called spinners with four rollers allow greater freedom of movement
Upright suitcases with two wheels are more difficult to steer
In many models, the rollers can be replaced if necessary. Pay attention to the size specifications of the manufacturer

Hard or soft cases?

Whether you choose a soft or hard case depends primarily on where the product is used. A hard case offers maximum stability, whereas a case made of soft material adapts better to the circumstances:

Suitcase adapts flexibly to luggage
Often there are additional compartments on the outside
More storage space
Low dead weight
Useful for road trips

More unstable than hard case
High maintenance effort
case sets
Hard case sets
Water repellent
Often with an integrated lock
Easy care
Dimensionally stable
Useful for air travel
High dead weight
Only a few models have additional storage space outside
In the case of soft case sets, a look at the so-called denier value can be useful. The higher this value, the more resistant the material is. A suitcase should have a denier of at least 400.


Depending on the duration of the trip, you should weigh which piece of luggage from your suitcase set to take with you on vacation. The following table can help you choose:

  • Case volume / size Place of use
  • 20 – 40 liters
  • 50 – 55 centimeters high
  • Short trip (up to three days)
  • 50 – 70 liters
  • 56 – 69 centimeters high
  • Weekly trip
  • 70 – 90 liters,
  • 70 – 79 centimeters high
  • Two-week trip
  • 90-120 liters
  • , 80-90 centimeters high
  • Three week trip


For the perfect travel experience, you also have the option of upgrading your luggage set with many useful extras. In addition to the typical luggage tags that individualize your piece of luggage for easy identification, there are, for example, so-called case protection covers. These offer your soft-shell case a unique design, additional stability and protect it from dirt. Luggage scales , which are attached to the case handle with a loop, guarantee easy control of the weight. For many passengers, especially when traveling by air, it is important to lock their luggage securely to be able to. Many suitcase sets are therefore provided with security locks that are locked either with a key or with a code. However, these built-in devices are not recommended for all travel destinations:

In response to the devastating events of September 11, 2001, stricter security measures apply to entry into the USA to this day. The so-called ” Transportation Security Administration ” (TSA) is authorized to open and search every suitcase upon arrival without prior notice. Over the years, this arrangement has harmed many ignorant holidaymakers as locks are forcibly opened when in doubt. The Authority therefore recommends a TSA-approved lock that the owner is closed with a numerical code, and only by the TSA using a master key can be opened.
View case accessories here

Tips for packing

After you have decided on your suitcase set, it is important to use the maximum storage space. We have summarized some tips for you:

Stow heavy utensils in the bottom of the suitcase near the wheels, while light things come up. In this way you achieve the maximum stability of the piece of luggage
Pack sensitive parts such as electronic devices or books separately to protect them from moisture
Save weight by buying small size drugstore items
Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This saves space and protects against unsightly wrinkles
Use clothes as padding to protect sensitive accessories such as sunglasses or jewelry from scratches


1. What do I need a suitcase set for?

Ans: A suitcase set ensures that you are prepared for a wide variety of travel conditions. So you always have the right suitcase size at hand, regardless of whether you are planning a short city trip or a long vacation trip. At home, the items of luggage can be stowed together to save space.

2. Should i Choose a hard of soft Case ?

Ans: The choice of material depends primarily on the means of transport. If you take frequent air trips that the suitcase set has to survive, a flashy hard case is best. Colorful designs guarantee a high recognition value on the baggage carousel. Since these are usually made of aluminum or polycarbonate, they are particularly robust and break-proof. Soft suitcases made of fabric or nylon are recommended when traveling by car or train. Since the material is flexible, it can be stowed away particularly well and adapts to the stowed luggage.

3. How do i best secure My Luggage?

Many suitcase sets are already equipped with security locks. However, as these are often opened by force, for example when traveling to the USA, the use of a TSA security lock makes sense. The officers can open these with a master key without damaging the suitcase.

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