how I wash clothes

This is how I wash clothes!

To wash clothes

Wash your clothes with the best results, I’m going to explain how I do that. I regularly get questions about it because it continues to occupy a lot of people. Hence my step-by-step explanation of how I do it, what I use for this and what you should pay attention to.

How do I wash my clothes? Which products do I use? What should you pay attention to? And how do you ultimately get the best result? It starts with sorting. Yes, Marja, that’s an open door! Indeed 🙂 but a very important one! A lot of people often still do it wrong. Colored by colored, white by white. Well, couldn’t be easier, could it? Watch what you do, because if things go wrong here you will never get the desired result; whatever you do. So, read the label, make sure you’ve sorted everything properly, and then you can start washing your clothes.

Step 1: Fill washing machine

You have to fill the washing machine up to 3/4 with dirty laundry. Why 3/4? Because you want to give the laundry enough space to be properly cleaned. The laundry must be able to move so that the detergent can get everywhere. What I usually see is people stuffing the washing machine completely full of clothes. Then they add some detergent and let the machine run. But without enough space for the clothes, there is no possibility to turn properly. So really save space in the drum!

These are my favorite products

I regularly get the question: “Which products do you prefer to clean with, Marja?”
Of course, I often use old-fashioned remedies such as soda or vinegar, but there is nothing wrong with using products that not only work well but also make cleaning a lot easier. That is why I have listed my favorite products for you.

Step 2: Wash clothes with washing powder or washing gel?
Well, which product is best for you? Washing powder or washing gel? My preference is for washing powder. Why? Washing powder dissolves faster and better when washing clothes. We usually use too much washing gel, plus it dissolves less easily. What then is the consequence? fat louse. This is caused by the detergent that remains in your washing machine. It builds up and eventually damages your equipment. But also your clothes! So for me, washing powder: better to dose and better to dissolve.

Step 3: Cup of vinegar

With every wash, I add a cup of white natural vinegar to the main wash and fill the fabric softener tray with it. Why would you do that? It helps to dissolve the detergent and enhances the effect of your detergent. It also degreases and descales your machine. This way you ensure that every wash is also a maintenance service where you clean the washing machine nicely. But watch out! Do not use cleaning vinegar. This one is way too aggressive for your machine.

Step 4: The right temperature

Well, another one of those open doors, but washing at the right temperature is very important. Especially because our garments today contain more synthetic fibers. And synthetic fibers cannot withstand high temperatures. But yes, wool cannot withstand high temperatures either. The disadvantage of temperatures that are too low is that the detergent may not dissolve sufficiently. You see, it’s a pretty close listen. The solution: check the label and see which temperature is suitable for the clothes you are going to wash. And stick to it.

To prewash or not to prewash

Some additional tips. Do you use the prewash or not? It depends on the amount of pollution, but I am in favor of it. That doesn’t have to be done in the machine, because I just do it by hand. Just place the garment or tablecloth or whatever in lukewarm water with some prewash powder and let it soak. Then just wash. And then colored clothes. Color is color, white is white, but dark is also dark. And just use a detergent that is intended for dark laundry. It was made for it and for a reason. I also add plain vinegar to the dark wash, this is only good for color retention.

Stay informed!

I am of course very curious about your experiences. How do you wash your clothes or other objects? Which products do you use and how do you get the best results? Leave a message below or share your experiences on my Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. I like it too

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