organizing your wardrobe

6 Tips for organizing your wardrobe

Six tricks in a row how nice is it when your wardrobe is in order and you immediately find what you are looking for early in the morning. These six simple tips show you how to do that.

Light to Dark

Hang everything by color from light to dark like a real pro. Light and white items on one side and dark pieces on the other. This way you can see at a glance how much you have per color category. You can also organize by length and material. You hang the garments of heavy materials (jackets, blazers, sweaters) together, you do the same with items of lighter material.

Extra tip: hang items of thin fabric on a hanger. Think of blouses, dresses, skirts, blazers, and jackets. It is best to fold other items such as t-shirts and pants.

Kind by Kind

Sorting is key in your wardrobe. Therefore, put everything by type: shirts with shirts, jeans with jeans, dresses in dresses and so on. Start with the hanging pieces and continue with all your folded garments. Also make a distinction per season, so that your winter sweaters don’t get in the way when it’s the middle of summer. This method helps the most to keep an overview of your wardrobe.

Give clothes space

Make sure that the clothes are not pressed together in your wardrobe. Fabrics must be able to breathe, so leave enough room for all items to get enough air. This not only gives you a better overview, but you have less chance of creases and you will have to iron less. here You can get Under Bed Shoe Storage

Identical Coat Hangers

Use the same clothes hangers and you instantly create more unity in your wardrobe. This provides peace of mind in your wardrobe and gives a tidy look. Go for sturdy hangers that keep your clothes in good shape.

Extra tip: hang clothes hangers so that the open side of the hook is facing the wall and the curvature of the hook is on your side.

Stack and Fold

Do not stack shirts and sweaters on top of each other, but roll or fold them and place them standing in a row in the drawer. With this method, you create more space in your wardrobe and you immediately see the entire contents of your drawer.

You can also store all items that you do not need to create an outfit in the first place in the drawer. Think of socks, sleepwear, lingerie, and so on. It gives much more overview to have these out of sight. Use storage bins from Ikea or recycle shoeboxes into handy dividers.

Store shoes and jewelry

Storing shoes and jewelry can sometimes be a challenge, because how do you keep it organized without it getting cluttered again. Be inspired by these storage ideas: from neatly stored to neatly displayed on the wall. A whole lot of creative ways that will make sure your shoes and accessories are never lying around again.

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