How To Use A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill

Some smoker boxes have air holes just at the top and some smoker boxes are dotted with holes all over. They are of many shapes and forms, you can get cylinder-shaped, rectangular boxes, V-shape boxes, etc. Smoker boxes are heat-resistant metal boxes that are used to hold wood chips or smoking chips. If you use it correctly, then, it releases aromatic smoke that infuses your recipes. Those who are new to using this smoker box, usually have many questions. They cannot understand what to do with a smoker box or how to use it on a gas grill. So, they ask others to help them and wait for their help.

So, in this article, I am going to write about how to use a smoker box on a gas grill.

Easy Tips For Using A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill

Easy Tips For Using A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill

Here, I am giving the easiest and top tips for how to use a smoker box on a gas grill. So, let us go through that.

1)     Start by preheating your grill to a high temperature for about 10-15 minutes.

2)     Then, slightly fill more than half of the smoker box with wood smoking chips and spread them evenly. This will help to produce more smoke. And if you overfill the box, then, it will reduce the production of smoke.

3)     You can place the smoker on the grate or below it, this depends on your wish. But you have to keep the box close to the heat source as much as possible. And those who are using a gas grill, need to place the smoker box right above the burners.

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4)     After that, you must wait at least 10 minutes because it takes about 10-15 minutes for the woods to start producing smoke. When you will see the smoke, at that time, you have to turn down the burners and have to reduce the temperature to about 435oF to 480oF (225oC to 250oC).

5)     Then, place the meat or vegetables on the grate by closing the lid and let the food cook. The smoky flavor fully depends on the closeness between your food and the smoker box. Because the closer your food is to the smoker box, the smoky it will taste.

(Note:- Do not let the lid open for a long time because the added oxygen may cause the wood to catch fire. So, in this step, you have to be careful.)

Is it necessary to soak your wood chips before smoking?

It is not necessary to soak the chips before placing them in the smoker as they are not in direct contact with flames. Moreover, putting chips in water beforehand will only increase the time of producing smoke. But if you want to soak the wood chips then, soak them for about 20-30 minutes, and then, add them to the smoker box. Because there are some smoker boxes that have a separate compartment for water which helps to provide a steaming effect on the food as well. So, if you have this type of smoker box then, you can soak your wood chips.

(When you want to prolong the smoking, at that time you can simply open the lid of the box and can add more wood chips.)

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Smoker Boxes

Smoker Boxes

Stainless Steel

It is a common material that is used in making a smoker box. Because it can retain heat well and also resist rust and corrosion. And to avoid warping, select the thickest steel smoker box. We all know that a quality smoker box always provides consistent smoke and you can also use them for many years.


It is extremely lightweight and you can use it one or two times. Do not put the aluminum smoker box directly on the coals or heat source. Because it melts under high heat.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is more expensive than stainless steel but has large longevity. If you use and care for it properly then, it can last a lifetime. As it heats slowly, the smoking chips take longer time to do their job as well as the stream of smoke lasts longer.


If you wish then you can use the stainless smoker box. It will give you good output. And as I have written above about how to use a smoker box on a gas grill. So, I hope it will help you to use the smoker box on a gas grill properly.