How to clean your Teeth

How to clean your Teeth

If you have never brushed your teeth, then you may not realize how much of a chore it is. There is much more to brushing your teeth than just the process of removing the plaque on them. First of all, you must learn how to clean your teeth properly. This means learning how to get rid of the tartar buildup that naturally occurs on your teeth. Also, there are some instructions for making your brushing techniques last longer.

clean your Teeth

  • The best way to clean your teeth is with fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste is made from fluoride mineral. This mineral is an important part of helping your body have strong teeth. If you have not brushed your teeth for a few weeks, then you should start today.
  • Fluoride toothpaste is better than regular toothpaste because it is easier on the gums and enamel. The minerals in fluoride toothpaste are easier to work with by your mouth than those in other types of toothpastes. The regular toothpaste that you use may not be enough. You need a stronger formula to help fight against dry mouth or plaque build up.
  • In addition to using fluoride toothpaste, you also need to brush your teeth every day. Brushing twice per day is a good rule of thumb. However, if you find that your teeth are really tough to brush then you may want to brush them every single day. Some people brush three times per day and this seems to be the optimal number.
  • There are also different floss designs. Some are curved so that you have a better chance of getting all of the food that is left on your toothbrush. Another design is in the form of a hook. It looks just like a hook but with teeth on the end that grab onto the toothbrush and pull it through your mouth. A combination of brushes and floss every day will be the most effective way to clean your teeth and keep them clean.
  • Braces can also be used for your teeth cleaning routine. Just as with flossing and brushing your teeth, you need to take care of your braces. You should have your braces taken care of by your orthodontist every three months. This means that you should get your braces polished once a year. If you have an important event coming up where you need your braces to look perfect then you should have them done right before the event. It is very tempting to grab that orange vest or take that sip of coffee while your mouth is being cleaned, but you don’t want to ruin your looks with an ugly mouth!
  • If you haven’t had your braces installed yet then you can still take care of your teeth clean. You can buy special toothbrushes that have a special bristles designed to clean your brackets. Some people brush with circular motions while others brush from the back of their mouth all the way over to the front. Whichever way you decide to brush, make sure that you use a decent toothpaste to get the best results.
  • The final step in taking care of your pearly whites is to buy a good toothpaste. Your toothbrush should already do a good job cleaning out the plaque, but sometimes you are too busy taking care of something or you might forget to put the toothpaste in. A toothpaste that contains baking soda can help eliminate the bacteria that build up on your toothbrushes and on your teeth itself. You can also purchase a good tongue scraper that will take the food out of your mouth so that you won’t have to worry about eating while brushing. After you have taken the time to clean your teeth and keep them nice and fresh you will have a smile that no one will be able to forget.


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