How do I use the microwave

How do I use the microwave?

The microwave is the most economical way to prepare food and you can easily retain your vitamins. So ideal. You can also prepare anything you cook or steam in the microwave. Suitable for Material? vegetables, potatoes, fish, chicken breast, and minced meat. Also very useful for reheating leftovers, ready meals, and defrosting frozen foods. In a microwave, it is best to use glass, glazed earthenware, porcelain, or possibly certain types of plastic, cardboard, and paper.

How does a microwave work?

A microwave heats food with microwaves (radio waves). These microwaves are not radioactive and harmless. The microwaves only move the moisture particles in the food, and the friction then releases heat. As a result, the food heats up much faster than in a pan or oven.
Step by step in the microwave Cut vegetables and potatoes into equal-sized pieces.

To set the power of your microwave, observe:

  • Microwave power (in watts) +/-
  • Action
  • 1,000 Heating liquids and heating cliques.
  • 650 Cooking vegetables and potatoes.
  • 500 Preparing chicken, fish, dishes with cheese.
  • 350 Preparing meat, egg dishes, cooking soup or meat in sauce, for example, and defrosting quickly.
  • 250 Thaw, stew, and simmer.

100 Keeping dishes warm, softening butter and ice, slow defrosting and defrosting sensitive products, such as fish.
A microwave does not heat food evenly. As a result, with large quantities and irregularly shaped dishes and leftovers, the risk of cold spots is high. In the cold spots, any pathogenic bacteria are not killed and you can get sick from your meal. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this by heating the food properly as follows:

Divide the dishes into small portions that are as flat as possible. These are ready faster. A large portion is ‘firmer’ and colder and therefore you have to warm up longer. Your vegetables, potatoes, fish, and meat only need 1 to 2 tablespoons of water to prevent them from drying out.
Cover the dish with a lid, plate, or microwave foil. This way the moisture stays in the meal and the meal can get very hot.
Turn the food 1 or 2 times while heating. Even if you have a turntable in your microwave, stirring well in between is still important to distribute the heat.
Sometimes there are instructions for the microwave on the packaging. Then follow this. If it states that you must leave the meal for a few minutes after heating it in the microwave, then this is necessary to heat the dish thoroughly.
Enjoy your meal!

Useful tips for the microwave

With the microwave, you can easily keep vitamins in your food. Because in the microwave you need little or no water to prepare your food. For example, vitamins do not dissolve in the water but remain in the food.
Because hardly any extra moisture is needed, the taste remains optimal and in general, no salt is needed. Read more about eating less salt.
Use the microwave more often if you want to cook energy-efficiently. A microwave actually uses more energy than a gas stove, but because preparing food in the microwave is generally much faster, it ultimately costs the least energy.

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