Guide to wearing your Vans shoes with style

Guide to wearing your Vans shoes with style

The Vans brand was first known for a skate style. But, over time it has become part of the classic urban look. It has been part of the outfits of children, youth, and adults for many years.

The shoes managed to position themselves in this way because they are very comfortable and have a lot of style. They are versatile, they can be used for a street look, but also for formal events, this if you have a careless and “cool” air.

They are slippers for both men and women. Many times compared to the Converse Chuck Taylor , for its similar construction, rubber sole and textile upper. They are very popular today.

There are many models from which you can choose to combine them according to your preferences and occasions. Today with this guide we summarize some ways in which you can wear Vans shoes.

Guide to wearing your Vans shoes with style

We separate this guide between looks for men, for women, and for children. Keep reading and take into account our recommendations to dress your Vans.

Looks with Vans sneakers for women

Girls don’t have to look skater or sloppy to wear Vans. With the correct pieces of clothing, you can look very good and feminine. In addition, they will be used to use them on different occasions.

With jeans and leggings

If we think of Vans, surely the first option that comes to mind is to wear them with jeans. It is true with jeans and leggings is the safe bet to wear your Vans shoes. You can try many looks with this base, for example, with ripped pants or with black leggings.

At the top you can wear oversized sweaters, t-shirts, tops, t-shirts with designs, cardigans, and even coats if it is cold.

You can try a rock chic look by wearing skinny jeans, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket, with your black or white Vans.
Black leggings will go very well with solid colored t-shirts, denim jackets and your Vans.
For work you can wear black casual pants, a white T-shirt or shirt, a coat or blazer, and your Vans. Mind you, check the office dress code first.
In the colder months you don’t have to leave your Vans in the closet, the high ones, booties type will keep you warm and comfortable. You can wear jeans, sweatshirt, coat and ready to go.
The unicolor look goes very well with the Vans, if you have the classic black Old Skool model wear them with pants and a black shirt. Or you can vary, white sneakers and the rest of the black clothes. You can even complete with a plaid shirt, to break with the monochrome.
The checkerboard Vans look goes great with black jeans, a T-shirt and a colorful cardigan. Ideal for going to the shops or the supermarket.
For a much more casual urban style, wear black ripped jeans at the knee, with a T-shirt or sweater in the colder months.
Black Vans with colored pants is another option, you will give a little life to your look. They look great with pastel tones such as pink, green, among others.
Joggers will make you look much sportier. It is an ideal look for a Sunday outing.
looks vans women

With skirts and dresses

Do you think that Vans do not combine with dresses and skirts? You’re wrong. These shoes go well with everything, you can wear knee-length skirts, or mini dresses, with a denim jacket or a bomber and that’s it. You will get a casual and feminine style.

Some ideas for wearing your Vans with dresses and skirts

Simple gray cotton fabric dress with loafers and a denim jacket.
Gray skirt below the knee, with striped shirt and your Vans black loafers.
An all black look, with black Vans sneakers, a leather jacket and a black dress.
Short striped skirt, with checkerboard Vans, and black T-shirt. An ideal combination for spring.
Black Vans with a denim skirt and a black T-shirt, sunglasses and a black purse. Another perfect look for spring / summer 2018.
Vans Old Skool with black socks, black or white dress and a denim or leather jacket. This is a perfect look for walking around town. If there is a lot of sun, wear glasses or run to complete.
In summer you can wear them with black shorts and a tank top. Another option is with a denim shorts, a top and a plaid shirt.

Looks with Vans sneakers for men

You can combine your Vans with the best pieces in your wardrobe with your sneakers to achieve a masculine style.

Vans with skinny jeans

Men wear tight, skinny pants in different shades and colors for almost any occasion. These jeans go very well with the Vans Old Skool. Although they actually look good with any pair of this brand.

Wearing Vans with jeans is probably the most versatile option to wear with these shoes. This is because depending on what you wear above you can go to a party night, or have a more casual style for work.

Vans Old Skool with colored jeans, black t-shirt, and denim jacket.
Vans with a white t-shirt and cap for a weekend outing.
With jeans and a button-down shirt, it is ideal to go to work.
Black Vans go great with skinny jeans, a button-down shirt, and a cap. You will look casual, but stylish.
With light-toned, ripped jeans, a white T-shirt, and sunglasses you’ll achieve a rocker, “bad boy” look.

skinny jeans with vans

Vans with shorts
On hot summer days, when you’re out for a workout or other outdoor activity, Vans will look great with shorts and a plaid or striped button-down shirt.

You can choose to wear the Vans without socks. And remember that you can make as many combinations as you want, but if you wear light pants, give more life to the look with a shirt in bright tones, or vice versa.

How to use the different Vans modelsvans with suit
Not all Vans are Old Skool black and white, you can choose models. There are them in striking tones, such as reds. Which are ideal for a casual look, and can be combined with different clothes. The best option in this case is khaki chinos and a bright pattern shirt.

Although, if you prefer something more urban, wear jeans with your red Vans, and a pastel t-shirt. These Vans are simple and classic, you can combine them with a polo shirt and loose pants. Or if it’s cold, wear a sweater or sweatshirt.

The Vans high top are a model made to stand out, if you wear them with a Smart casual style you should let them show. They are very comfortable, and ideal for the colder months. If you wear them with black jeans, a printed T-shirt and a black jacket, you’ll complete a good urban look.

Get a formal or work look with Vans

Who says you can’t wear Vans with a suit? You just have to match the tone of the shoes well with the pants. Blue Vans go great with gray suits,

You can also wear casual black pants with a shirt and blazer for activities like christenings, casual weddings, or birthdays.

Vans with pants, a shirt, and a cardigan will be a great option for work. Remember to always check the dress code of your office. Another option is straight cut dark blue jeans, with a white shirt and a cream blazer.

Looks with Vans sneakers for boys and girls

If you are a lover of Van’s and have children, you probably already bought him his first sneakers from this brand. Follow these ideas so that they can all come out together and that your little ones are in fashion.

Vans shoes are perfect for children because they are very comfortable, you will find them for babies under one year old, even for older children.

Classic Vans will go great with black jeans or skinny pants, paired with a tee or shirts. And to complete a jacket.

But, girls can also wear them with dresses or skirts for a more stylish look. They can be worn with bermuda shorts or shorts on summer days. With leggings or joggers they will be very comfortable to go to the park.

The funniest thing about children’s Vans is that you will find them with different patterns, flowers, different colors, with cartoon characters and more.

You can consult this guide to using your Vans shoes with style when you want to buy Vans shoes in our online store. Tell us, which models do you like the most? How do you prefer to use them?

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