Best gaming chairs under 200

5 Best gaming chairs under 200 in [2021]


If you spend several hours a week playing game games then it might be a good idea to look out for a decent gaming chair. This offers just a little more comfort. Of course, we advise you to immediately go for a very solid and high-quality model. GT RACING Gaming Chair is by far one of the best gaming chairs under 200 because of the luxury and comfort that is offered. In addition, it is possible to adjust and adjust the head and back cushion. The Akraching nitro can certainly be called a more than worthy alternative. The chair is not only ergonomic and comfortable but also very designer. You can choose from different colors that are always combined with black accents. That way the game chair still gets a cool look.

Best 5 gaming chairs

GT RACING game chairs are made to offer avid gamers luxury and comfort. These chairs are ideal for people who play games for a long time and do not want back pain. Are you looking for such a chair? We have researched and compared different game chair offers to make the choice easier for you. Maybe the best gaming chair is among them?


The GT RACING series offers you luxury while gaming. It comes with an adjustable back cushion and pillow. This gaming chair is not cheap compared to the following items on our list but you get top quality in return.

It is used by many eSports players and also by various teams such as Dignitas and Fnatic, who use this gaming chair at large events. It helps you to maintain a straight posture and thereby prevents back pain. It is suitable for gaming sessions of more than 8 hours!

According to the online reviews, it is comfortable for longer gaming sessions and is easy to assemble yourself.

Buyers find the chair itself very comfortable, but the supplied cushions would be too hard to sit comfortably. However, most people find this gaming chair really top.

This gaming chair is equipped with adjustable cushions for optimal comfort. The product is in a higher price range but is known for its use at large events. The chair promotes correct posture during gaming so that you can play for a long time.

GTRACING Gaming Chair benefits

Cold Cure:

this special foam padding in the upholstery ensures that you assume an upright posture while gaming. This way you avoid back pain and you can use the chair for long gaming sessions without any problems


the head and back cushion of the chair are adjustable so that you can adapt it to your own physique. This chair is suitable for different people.


the chair is easy to assemble. Moreover, it is a sturdy and heavy chair of good quality



the cushions are too hard for some people and therefore provide little comfort. You cannot adjust the cushions optimally for people taller than 1.90 meters.


This ergonomic chair is suitable for both gamers and office workers. Due to the metal construction, this chair is very strong and safe and thanks to the hard foam cover you are also comfortable.
The armrest is adjustable in height to find your maximum comfort zone. The seating positions and backrest are also adjustable. This chair is manufactured with great attention to offer the ideal sitting position. A nice game chair offer.
The online reviews from buyers provide positive advice. It does not belong to the cheap game chairs, but you get quality in return. Users find that it is very comfortable and that you can continue playing for much longer without being bothered.
It offers good support for the back and legs. A downside is that the manual is not really clear, so you may experience problems when assembling the game chair.
AKRacing may not be among the best-known brands, but it can be included in the list of best brands. The chair is also suitable for use in the office and is very sturdy. The upholstery provides seating comfort and the armrest can be adjusted in height.



you can order this chair in five different colors, namely blue, green, orange, red and white. The color of your choice is always combined with black.


the chair is specially designed to release as much pressure from your body as possible so that you are less stressed while gaming or working. This will lead to fewer health complaints in the long term.

Sturdy and comfortable:

the chair frame is made of metal which makes the product safe and sturdy. The upholstery of the chair is made of hard foam to prevent deformation.


The Best Office PC Gaming Chair is made of quality material. It can handle a weight of 120 kilos thanks to the class 3 gas lift.
The backrest and seat are filled with a foam layer and are shaped for long-lasting comfort during gaming.
The seat height is adjustable and it has a tilt function with built-in locking, a tilt function, nylon wheels, … The armrests are covered with soft pads to prevent friction during your long gaming sessions.
The reviews about this game chair offer provide mostly positive advice. It is already a lot cheaper than the previous one and you still get quality in return. It is easy to assemble and you will no longer have any problems with your back while gaming.
It is sturdy and it is also very comfortable. After a few months, it still works well and there is no wear, even the wheels continue to work well. A top offer!
Do you have less money at your disposal? Then choose one of the products with the lowest price such as The Best Office PC Gaming Chair. The chair has a maximum loadable weight of 120 kg and can be adjusted in height. The foam layer provides extra comfort and the Best gaming chairs under 200 has wheels at the bottom.



the chair has a long lifespan thanks to the sturdy materials used for its construction. The chair can be loaded with a weight of 120 kg and has a class 3 gas lift.


the foam layer in the upholstery is of high quality and provides optimal support during gaming. The chair is covered with nylon and eco-leather which ensure optimal durability. The armrests have been specially developed to prevent friction with the elbow


The Rigger gaming chair offers optimal comfort during gaming. It features 360-degree rotation, an adjustable-angle backrest, an integrated headrest, and much more.
It is recommended for people with a size between 170 and 190 cm and has a maximum load of 150 kg.
Thanks to its comfortable upholstery, backrest, seat, and armrests, you can play for hours without being bothered. The backrest has an adjustable tilt angle and even a lying position.
Buyers of this chair are very satisfied with it. It already belongs to the cheap gaming chairs and still offers quality.
It is easy to assemble and is comfortable. Some find it rather fragile and in one person a piece of plastic has even fallen out of which he does not know what it is.
The most popular product among buyers is Speedlink’s Rigger gaming chair. You can adjust the backrest and rest your head on the headrest. The product can be loaded with a weight of up to 150 kg and has comfortable upholstery.



this chair is available in four different colors. Choose between many colors

you can adjust the back and seat of the chair to adapt it to your own physique. You can block the tilt function if you prefer to sit stable. Sturdy material:

you can load this chair with a maximum weight of 150 kg. The chair is therefore also suitable for slightly heavier people.


This Gioteck gaming chair is cheap and is also suitable for different consoles such as the PS4! It is very comfortable and has storage options and LED lighting.

You can set it in different positions to find the perfect game position for you.

Buyers are satisfied with this cheap gaming chair. It is easy to connect to the game console and the sound from the built-in boxes is excellent.

It is easily collapsible to store under your bed and folds out to continue playing the day after.

The Gioteck RC3 chair is also a cheap product and it is also suitable for use on both PCs and game consoles. The lighting provides a nice atmosphere during gaming and you can easily store the product.

This Gioteck gaming chair is cheap and is also suitable for different consoles such as the PS4! It is very comfortable and has storage options and LED lighting.

You can set it in different positions to find the perfect game position for you.

Buyers are satisfied with this cheap gaming chair. It is easy to connect to the game console and the sound from the built-in boxes is excellent.

It is easily collapsible to store under your bed and folds out to continue playing the day after.

The Gioteck RC3 chair is also a cheap product and it is also suitable for use on both PCs and game consoles. The lighting provides a nice atmosphere during gaming and you can easily store the product.


A good gaming chair provides more comfort during your long gaming sessions. However, the search for the choose gaming chairs under 200 for you can be tedious. You have to pay attention to different points before you buy a chair. Important points are comfort, price, sound quality, and vibration. It is important to know whether the chair is compatible with your console and whether it is wireless or not. For racing game enthusiasts, you can buy special seats with an integrated steering wheel or mounting points for a steering wheel and pedals.


The term game chair has not been used for very long and it is possible that when you ask any person on the street, “What is a game chair”, he or she has no idea what it actually is. Among gamers, there are also different perceptions about that term and what it actually means, since there are several things you could mean. These are the three possible meanings for a gaming chair for different gamers:

Gaming chair for PC gamers: 

The classic gaming chair for PC gamers is the one you will see at eSports competitions and twitch streams around the world. Inspired by racing seats, these seats are ergonomically shaped to provide comfort for hours of gaming in a row. Their design is exactly taken from motorsport and offers the same sporty feeling. Popular brands are GT RACING Gaming Chair 

Gaming chairs for console gamers:  The second possible meaning describes the specially designed rocking chairs that have more of a lounge than a motorsport feel. These chairs are also called multimedia chairs and have speakers and audio connections built-in, so you can connect your console directly to it and let the sound play through the chair. You put these multimedia chairs in front of the television, so you can relax while playing your favorite console games.

Game seats for racing gamers:  Many hardcore racing game fans like to have the same experience you have in a racing car. Therefore, specific racing seats are sold. These racing seats are built to be used with a tracing wheel and also have a kickstand for pedals. A lot also offers space for multiple screens, so you can build your entire setup in a chair.


To make a decision about the type of gaming chair you want to buy, you must first decide on the use of this gaming chair. If you only have racing games, it is best to buy a game chair that has a steering wheel and pedals. The chair must of course also be compatible with your console and your game.

If you like to sit on the floor to play your favorite games, you can opt for a game chair that is low to the ground and does not have afoot. So you are still in the way you want, but you experience much more support on your back. A chair without a pedestal also takes up less space and is easy to store, some are even foldable. So it is ideal for people with limited space.

If you want to buy a good gaming chair to use for different types of games then you can buy a seat that has mounting points for a handlebar and pedals. So you can also use it as a regular game chair in other types of games than racing games.


You will experience a much more intense gaming experience if you hear the sound close to you and around you. That is why it is definitely recommended to buy a gaming chair with built-in speakers. But not all speakers are of course the same and have the same power or good quality.

If you choose a gaming chair with four speakers and even a subwoofer, you will almost enjoy surround sound during your favorite game. It makes the experience much more intense and you also hear the sounds much more clearly. You can choose stronger or weaker speakers depending on the indicated power.

Many chairs also emit vibration during certain actions during the game. For example, if you shoot at an enemy or get shot yourself. It makes the experience more intense and realistic. However, it is better to buy a chair where you can manually adjust the vibration because with some games this can also be a disturbing factor. Finally, there are also chairs that are equipped with LED lighting to create an atmosphere during your game sessions.


One of the most important points when choosing a gaming chair is to make sure that the chair is compatible with your console. If you don’t pay attention to that, you might come home with a seat for your PS4 that actually only works on Xbox. Ordinary gaming chairs designed only to provide support during gaming do not suffer from this condition because you do not connect them to your console.

If you still buy a gaming chair that you have to connect, it is best to opt for a chair with wireless connections. These are more expensive so you may have to spend more money but you will no longer be bothered by cables lying around that you can fall over. Most chairs work via WiFi or Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your console.


Most gamers like to spend a lot of money on all things related to their system: expensive CPUs, the best video cards, mechanical keyboards, and so on! But even though most of us spend hours per day at the PC, we don’t even think about spending more money on a chair where we spend all these hours. Since I am a little older than most gamers, I would like to give you the following tip: give your back a HUGE pleasure and think carefully about buying a real gaming chair. Although they look expensive at first glance (and they often are), the costs are definitely worth it when you consider how long you have been on it. If you don’t think this is important then your back will would like to speak to you in 5 years’ time (trust me, I speak from experience).


So what does the best gaming chair consist of? In addition to the look (which should be a very minor consideration), you should look at these four key points:

Position:        Explanation

Firmness :    

         Game chairs have to carry a lot of weight for much of the day, which means that any weaknesses or flaws in the chair’s design will crack or rattle the whole thing over time – or even break it down at worst.

Quality: If you take a closer look at the quality and craftsmanship of a lot of chairs, there are some very bad things you can see: weak plastic parts, poor quality seams, and poor faux leather – the list goes on, even if this one thing may not seem immediately logical to inexperienced buyers.

Functions:           A chair is a chair, isn’t it? No, there are big differences in functions that a good chair can have. High-quality seats can be adjusted in a trillion different ways (okay, maybe a trillion is a bit too exaggerated).

Fit perfectly:        The main point: you should NOT randomly choose a chair that looks good. Each chair is specifically designed for a particular body type and you should definitely find the right chair by taking a look at our DXRacer guide.


Most high-quality chairs are made of leather. Leather chairs look stylish, but when you sit on them for a long time they get warm and that is not comfortable at all . Hardcore gamers should therefore look for something more relaxing. Soft armrests and an ergonomic seat are the main features of a good gaming chair.

GT RACING Gaming Chair Series review you would love to buy the best gaming chair, but when you start looking for it, there are a lot of options and all the chairs have enticing features. Buying the right game chair is therefore not something simple.

The quality standard should be watched closely when looking for a chair. Don’t be distracted by the look of the chair. Yes the design is important, but you have to be sure that the quality is good.

Follow the steps below when looking for a seat.

Comfort is an essential factor

The most important reason why you are looking for the best gaming chairs under 200 should be comfort. So don’t forget this. Always make sure a chair is comfortable. Most chairs have an ergonomic design, but you have to sit on the chair to test whether you can sit in it for hours. Obviously, this can be a bit tricky online, so if it’s impossible to test the seat at a local store, make sure to read the reviews carefully.

The wow factor

Of course, you want your chair to look cool so you can make your friends jealous. You should choose the chair design and color carefully. Black, red and blue are often the colors present, so make sure to choose a color that won’t fade after a while.

The chair design should be stylish and remarkable. Game computer chairs are sporty and a good option for PC users.

Cool extras

You do not buy a game chair without carefully considering your preferences for sound. Reviews on websites and from previous buyers will certainly go into this. The best way to buy the best gamer chair is to compare the options thoroughly.

If you’re looking for a loud gaming experience, buy a seat with two or more speakers. For ultimate luxury, there are chairs that have built-in speakers, a footrest, and a cup holder.

Easy to move and store

DXRacer Formula gaming chair chair

The best gaming chair is the one that you can easily put anywhere. You should buy a chair that you can easily slide closer or further away from the screen or television and that does not take up all the space in the living room. Easy to move and store are factors you shouldn’t overlook when buying a gaming chair.

Really value for money

Make sure the chair you buy is worth the money. A quality web store is preferred. You have to buy a game chair with regard to durability and style, so that you do not have to replace the chair after a few months or years.

Finding the best gaming chair?

The best way to choose the best gaming chair under 200 that meets your needs and desires is to read the reviews carefully and filter out the specifics that matter most to you. are you want to have the best sound quality, make a list of the chairs that have quality sound speakers. If you are interested in saving money, it is perfect to sell, discount, or buy cheap game seats. If you need to replace the chair quickly, it will be more expensive than the first time

. For exclusive designs, make a list of the chairs that look fantastic.

And if you’re concerned about the space in your living room, choose a chair that folds together easily. Filter your search based on the required options and your list will, therefore, be a lot smaller.

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