easily clean the inside of your car

8 tips on how to quickly and easily clean the inside of your car

You regularly run your car through the car wash. Your car will be sparkling clean on the outside within a few minutes. But honestly, do you sometimes include the interior in that cleaning routine? Household coach Zamarra gives 8 easy tips on how to quickly have the interior of the car spick and span.

1: Keeping up is saving time

Zamarra’s first tip: “The longer you wait, the dirtier it gets, the more work it is to clean it. If you give your car a short cleaning every week, you don’t have to brush as hard and save it’s your time at the end of the ride!”

2: Tidy up is neat

Before you can start scrubbing, you first throw away all the dirt. Also, take the glove compartment and the doors with you. This way you can dust and vacuum everything in one go.

3: Degrease with cleaning vinegar

You can degrease well with a mixture of water and cleaning vinegar. Use it to clean the handles above the doors, possibly the corresponding part of the ceiling, the poker, the steering wheel, the volume knob, and the door openers.

You can also clean the inside of the windows with the same cleaning agent. And don’t forget to bring the rear-view mirror. The advantage of cleaning vinegar is that it dries without streaks. Ideal!

4: Cleaning Dashboard

You can clean the dashboard with a special cockpit spray and a (microfibre) cloth. This stuff puts a layer over the dashboard, making it less dirty.

When purchasing this cleaning product, make sure that you buy a silicone-free version. If you don’t do this, you will get a greasy layer over your dashboard, which attracts dirt. And it can cause discoloration. Do not you want to.

Tip: Zamarra opts for microfibre cloths because they absorb dirt very well. Much better than cotton clothes.

5: Cleaning hard-to-reach places

For the grilles and hard-to-reach corners – there are plenty in your car – you can opt for compressed air. Chances are you don’t have this at home as standard. Does not matter. You can also do it with cotton swabs or a toothbrush.

6: Removing stains from upholstery

Stains can be treated with a so-called foam cleaner. No guarantee that they will actually go out, but not shooting is always wrong. It will definitely get better! Leave it on for a few minutes. How long this may be is stated on the packaging of the foam cleaner. Then remove the foam with a (microfibre) cloth.

7: Beat the mats clean

You can remove the mats that protect your carpet. Beat them out with a carpet beater or against a tree, and then vacuum the carpet under the mats.

8: Provide a nice smell

Your car will smell wonderfully fresh again. Keep this in mind by placing a scented freshener on one of your grates. You can now buy this in many supermarkets and household stores.

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