Cooking with a microwave

How to Cooking with a microwave

Most people use their microwave to quickly heat up or defrost. Too bad, because a lot more can be done with the microwave. Quickly cook vegetables or potatoes, for example.

What do most people actually use their microwaves for?

In 2018, we asked consumers through a call on our Community which chores they use their microwave most for. The vast majority of people use their microwaves for small warming tasks, such as leftovers and ready meals.

The microwave is also often used for defrosting, especially bread, meat, and frozen meals and leftovers.

Some think more out of the box, and came up with this one creative microwave tips:

  • quickly make sugared honey liquid again
  • melt butter quickly
  • bring red wine to room temperature
  • preheat plates
  • dent out dented ping pong balls

Steam vegetables, potatoes, and fish

With the microwave, you can quickly steam vegetables, potatoes, and fish. Even if there is no steam function on the microwave. Place the vegetables, potato

  • pieces, and fish in a dish or container that is suitable for microwave use.
  • Add a little water and, if desired, herbs and a knob of butter.
  • Cover the container loosely with a lid or microwave foil. Make sure that the air can escape, so do not press the lid on or poke a few holes in the microwave foil. There are also special microwave dishes with a valve in the lid.

The preparation time depends on the power of your microwave, how much food you prepare at the same time, and how large the pieces are. There are instructions in the manual for your microwave. If you don’t have a manual (anymore), google the brand name and type number of your microwave in combination with ‘user manual’ or ‘manual’.

If this doesn’t work, start steaming on full power for 3 minutes and check every few minutes how cooked the food is by pricking it with a fork. Watch out for the hot steam coming out of the tray.

Preparing potatoes

You don’t necessarily have to peel potatoes, but cut them into equal pieces or prick the skin with a fork a few times if you want to prepare them whole.

Large squeakers can be placed separately in the microwave and ‘pop’. Do not put them in aluminum foil, because that will spark the microwave.


The best result with salmon and cod is obtained when you prepare it at the same time as the potatoes and/or vegetables. Place the fish on top.


Vegetables that are very suitable for the microwave are:

  • green peas
  • carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • green beans
  • snow peas and sugar snaps

Before cooking, divide broccoli and cauliflower into small florets and cut carrots into 1 to 2 cm pieces.

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