Cleaning suede shoes

Cleaning suede shoes in 7 easy steps!

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Over time, every shoe gets dirty, so do suede shoes. Suede is a material that is more fragile than leather. That is precisely why cleaning suede requires a little more policy. Often people do not dare to clean their suede shoes. Fortunately, there are plenty of ‘grandma knows’ tips and tricks that will help you with this. In this blog, we list seven of these practical tips. This way you can Cleaning suede shoes carefree.

Prevention is better than cure

It all starts with taking good care of your suede shoes. With this, half the work is already done! Well-maintained shoes last longer. This means you don’t have to clean or repair the suede as quickly. Shoes that are well maintained are also easier to clean. You care for suede shoes with a special spray. So make sure you always have a good suede spray at home. It is recommended to spray your suede shoes every two weeks. Apply the layers neatly according to the instructions on the aerosol. Then let the sprayed shoes dry thoroughly before putting them back on. By regularly spraying your shoes you prevent stains and discoloration. So always spray your new ugg boots before wearing them.

Cleaning suede shoes in 7 steps

However, well-maintained shoes also need to be cleaned and polished from time to time. Suede is known as a fairly fragile material. Many people, therefore, wonder: How can you carefully polish suede? The following seven steps will make polishing your suede shoes a lot easier. Always make sure your suede shoes are dry before cleaning them. That makes it easier to brush off all the dirt.

Step 1: A suede brush

Purchase a cleaning kit that includes a suede brush. This is really the very best tool when you are going to polish suede shoes. The suede brush has one side with a steel brush and one side with a rubber brush. You can get a brush like this almost anywhere. For example at the shoemaker or a household store.

Step 2: Cleaning with the brush

Clean the shoe with the brush. Gently brush over the shoes with the metal bristles in one direction. Do not go in circles or brush roughly, as this can damage the suede. After brushing, the shoes will already be reasonably refurbished. Do the shoes have to wear spots? Then you can brush a little rougher! Still as much as possible in one direction. The rough brushing ensures that the hairs come loose again and stand on end.

Step 3: Restoring the Suede

Do you need to restore the suede? Then try the Suede Nubuck Box from Collonil. Use the soft side of the box for roughening and the hard side for cleaning. Do you find a brush easier? You can also buy special brushes for brushing up scuffs, like this crepe brush. With this, you can start rubbing gently over the worn spots, and apply a little more pressure until you see hairs again. This also restores the suede color.

Step 4: Remove Water Stains

You get rid of annoying water rings on your suede shoes by adding, yes, water. Apply some water to the entire shoe with the brush (metal hairs) and rub it in lightly. Then blot off the excess water with a dry cloth and gently pat the shoe dry as far as possible. if you want to buy vans shoes then click here

Step 5: Let the shoes air dry

Let the shoes dry before putting them back on. If you have used a lot of water, it is best to let the shoe dry with paper and shoe trees in the shoe. This keeps the shoe in shape. It is better not to use newsprint because the ink can then start to bleed. Let your shoes air dry, don’t put them near the heater! It is best to let them dry outside. In the cold months, you can also place them in a well-ventilated area.

Step 6: Post-treatment

After drying, you can treat the suede shoes again with the brush, so that the hairs stand up again. This also restores the color of the suede shoes.

Step 7: Final Care

Final care with a suede spray. Do not forget to spray your shoes with a good suede spray after the treatment. View our full collection of maintenance products.

What to do with stubborn stains?

Unfortunately, it will sometimes happen that there are stubborn stains on your shoes, such as a grease stain. It is difficult to clean suede stubbornly because the material is fairly fragile. It is recommended that you first follow the above step-by-step plan. You will be able to remove most stains with this. Oil stains in suede can be removed with a nail brush and warm water. If there are mud stains on your shoes, it is best to let them dry first! Rubbing while the mud is still wet will make the stain worse. When the material is dry, you can remove the crust and brush off the rest of the sand.

Can I wash suede shoes?

Never put your suede shoes in the washing machine! Washing suede shoes are strictly prohibited. The suede loses its elasticity and even it’s color. In addition, the shoe can deform so that it is no longer comfortable. In short, if you want to take good care of suede, you should certainly not let it come into contact with water too much.


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