Cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 Dollars

10 Cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 Dollars In 2022

If you are planning to give a surprise gift which has impotence in your child, practicals like ATV’s or cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 dollars is a good idea on their birthday or other occasions. Though it is all about tons of fun for this age but capable of building a trustworthy attraction for motoring inside your kid’s mind, On the other hand, your child will get practical knowledge about driving. Yet they are a suitable option for children who do not want to leave indoors, With four-wheelers, they move toward the outdoors. 

To find 4-wheeler benefits for any age kid manufacturers provide various designs of ATVs per size, color, and features. Purchasing of this item for kids is getting more popular these years of their inexpensive price and safety features than the adults ones. It is very important to encourage your kids to participate in a healthy outdoor activity to make them move versatile and confident, and 4-wheelers are really adequate to do that.

It is very common to buy the wrong one with size, age, price, and power options for your kid. And we made a list with the 10 cheapest four-wheelers under $500. Yes, we do all things for your child’s safety and keep your investment-worthy. It may be harder to find the best 4-wheeler at such a cheap rate but not impossible. It depends on what you are looking for and where you are looking. In this post, you will get 10 distinctive products for all ranges of age.

Our Pick
Costzon Kids ATV
Costzon Kids ATV

Electric ATV, 4-Wheeler Quad Car 
Electric ATV


Peg Perego ATV
Peg Perego ATV

Kidzone ATV
Kidzone ATV

Powered UTV
Powered UTV

Kids ATV
Kids ATV

4 Wheeler Truck
4 Wheeler Truck

Rollplay Powersport ATV
Roleplay ATV

 Racer ATV
 Racer ATV

Toddler ATV
Toddler ATV

110cc ATV
110cc ATV 


–Our Top Picks–

For those parents who are facing difficulty to select a perfect brand– New cheap 4 wheelers under $500, we searched more about these products belonging to different brands, studied their features and explained customer reviews and requirements, and finally made this list to learn more about them. We firmly believe that this will be really helpful to you at the time of purchasing the best Cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 Dollars for your kids. So, let’s start.

1. Kids electric 4 wheeler

Kids electric 4 wheeler

Key Features:

  • A Realistic foot pedal accelerator
  • Both forward and reverse function
  • 2 speed selections (high & low) with
  • A thrilling  max speed is 3.7 mph
  • LED headlights and a horn 
  • Rechargeable battery with 12V

When looking for  ATVs for your kid our first choice is obviously “best choice products” for their realistic appearance which helps to create a   better sense of imagination and adventure with playing in real life. It has a foot pedal accelerator to perfectly drive, forward, and reverse function providing the real experience of riding. On the contrary, they have a black finish and stylish LED headlights give a distinctive model as a quad. 

For the safety of the kid who is riding it has large and sturdy four wheels. Moreover, they are capable of running on any type of surface with grass, dirt, driveways, and sidewalks. With 66 lbs weight capacity they are more attractive by the presence of  LED headlights and a horn. Even the rechargeable battery with 12V capacity to be a more pleasing experience 

Now, we are talking about the most interesting features about it such as  2 speed selections high and low which ensure more safety whether your kid is a beginner, and a thrilling max speed of 3.7 mph that is really fantastic for an outdoor visit. As your kid enjoyed more on this unit for hours, it has a built-in AUX outlet with AUX cable included by plugging in the device and can enjoy his/her favorite music and radio.

Note: It might be a little slower on the hill surface, and a bit uncomfortable for more than 6 years old kids.

2. Uenjoy 12V electric 4 wheeler for kids

Uenjoy 12V electric 4 wheeler for kids

Key Features:

  • Engineered with wear resistance wheels
  • Realistic functionality and parts incorporation
  • Speed shifting functions
  • The maximum load capacity is 77 lbs
  • With music, Bluetooth, USB, and radio
  • 12V powerful motor with start button.

ATVs model which incorporates start buttons that help start the motor easily without struggling like this one. Forward as well as backward moving with turning on right or left generates its flexibility features. Furthermore, freely brake, handlebar, and electric foot pedal deliver to loosen the pedal to slow down and stop own freedom of driving and safety like a realistic unit for riding indoor and outdoor playing.

This unit has 4 wear-resisting wheels ensuring the durability of wheels with the low maintenance of them  This model has built-in music where  USB port for playing own music and a rocking ride On the other hand Bluetooth, Working radio is a bonus for you. Yet, built-in horn, headlights wight are soft but bright even in dark atmosphere as well as   LED lights offer a beyond compare toy for your kid. 

Amazingly you will get a 12V powerful battery to drive confidently on the grass, dirt, driveways, sidewalks, and more. Plus, they are more attractive with 2 speed selections as high & low with a thrilling max speed of 3.7 mph per hour to give your kid more adventure. With a slow start, this simulation scooter model is a safer option for 3 to 8 years children. It required 8-12 hours to recharge for 1-2 hours.

Note: Motor of the ATV might be noisy but good enough for going rounds of the year. Not for less than 3 years kids.

3. VALUE BOX Kids ATV 4 Wheeler Ride

VALUE BOX Kids ATV 4 Wheeler Ride

Key Features:

  • Choice of color 
  • Two speeds to choose between
  • Automatic reset fuse for protection circuit
  • Super easy start/stop button
  • Foot pedal accelerator and forward/reverse function
  •  ASTM certified

Kids ATV or four-wheelers must have strong safety features for unwanted accidents, and with this well constructed Cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 Dollars, you will get an automatic reset fuse for the protection circuit as well as an easy start and stop button. While featuring the mp3 player via USB/TF memory cards or plug in your own playlist via aux port, your kids can enjoy their favorite tunes at the time of driving even with volume adjustability and pre-programmed music.

To improve the condition of your mind and health when you make a plan to visit the beach this toy car is the best companion for your kid with Big tires and a realistic car body to provide your kid a happy time. This quad bike is really functional with a head-and-back gear switch to frequent change of spread between the two modes. Then, it has 66 lbs maximum weight capacity and 3.7 mph with 12V battery power

Although it is a playing car with Led headlights, a horn, the bright front & rear lights, music, and realistic car horn sound gives the real pleasure of having your own car and the practical experience of driving with it. Together with a foot pedal accelerator and forward and reverse function kids can ride it according to their own wishes. Along with 3 color options and  40.55″(L) x 26.77″(W) x 28.74″(H)overall dimensions they are authentic choices for your child. After 8-12 hours of charging it can run 2 hours over the carpet, hard surfaces, and grass.

Note: This unit hasn’t any remote control system.

4. Power wheels dune racer extreme

Power wheels dune racer extreme

Key Features:

  • They required less assembling than others.
  • Has an anti-skid braking System
  • Sturdy metal sidebar for hand support
  • Duel seat option for two kids
  • Engineered with two  forward drive speeds, one reverse speed
  • Powerful rechargeable battery

There’s no competition for the Monster Traction system 4 wheeler which has two seats and a well-constructed structure comfortable for two young refer to resolving the usual fighting of your kids and grandkids at the same time. Moreover, they have Powerful better which has 12V power capacity with a power lock braking system for more safe driving and extra fun for hours.

Finding the right ATV for a very young kid is a bit hard. This model suits this requirement by having a sit position to very close of ground level with two metal-made sidebars for supporting them while they are riding. Furthermore, it offers 2.5 and 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse for own preferable driving which is low speed for toddlers or young and high for bigger kids.

Of course, This 4-wheel bike is designed for outdoor use as an off-road vehicle whether it is on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain. Providing your kids a more pleasant outdoor experience this model is really worth considering. Surprisingly this car has up to 130 lbs weight capacity whether green color gives it a ravishing look. Even with very few assemblies, your car is ready to ride.

Note: To get tons of fun parents heads up for that battery life.

Also, get the ATV helmets

5. Mini 4 wheelers for kids

Mini 4 wheelers for kids

Key Features:

  • Easy to start and control
  • Includes 3 spread to ensure more safety
  •  Available front & rear disc brakes
  • Comes with 12-inch knobby pneumatic tires
  • Key incorporated 3 speed
  • Constructed from Steel

Among the Cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 Dollars, this unit has superb battery power like 36V with a 500watt powerful brushless engine to provide more than 2 hours of riding time. Whether steel construction ensures to go-rounds of the year as a playing companion for your kid. For safe moving on off rood, it has 4 knobs of a road tire.

There are 3 spread options as low, medium, and high for a thrilling riding experience for your kids in a realistic manner. This model offers you four bright color options for individual choice and up to 150ibs weight capacity to accommodate most heavy kids.

Henceforth, the convention features such as front & rear disc brakes and large 12-inch knobby pneumatic tires make it more reliable and practical for young riders, on the other hand, the new features like headlight, key start, forward & reverse switch prove convenient to use and are really like structured.

With the monster design, it can go over wet grass, dirt, mud, hard surface, beach, and more smoothly. Whether its high-quality steel confirms their sturdiness even it is practice or training session of your kids with most easy assembly and low maintenance.

Note: This is not preferable for more than 7 years old kids.

6. Best ATV 4 wheelers

Best atv 4 wheelers

Key Features:

  • Equipped with an air-cooled engine
  • Backed with chain transmission and pull start
  • Associated with front and rear disc brake
  • Incorporated with a 1.8L fuel tank
  • Approved by EPA
  • Highly recommended for  4 to 7 years old kids.

It is shipping with an ATV 4 Wheeler, X Pro gloves, goggles, and handgrip to make your kid completely ready for an adventurous ride. Moreover, this model goes through an EPA test and is manufactured with EPA-based quality for safety issues. To prevent overheating  4-stroke 40cc air-cooled engine design. After here, it has Top speed of around 22 miles/h for specialized design for very young kids and beginners.

Kids ATV is all about convenient use features. And this unit offers you chain transmission and pull start provides easy controlling along with front and rear disc brakes for fast and flexible stopping capacity. It comes with luggage on the rear allowing carrying needed things at the time of riding. On the contrary, a front bumper protects the bike from accidental impact. Moreover, it has a 1.8L Fuel Tank for more riding when it is quite distant.

When you are moving toward its assembling here most of the work is completed and needs a manual setting with a few minutes.22.46-inch height set more comfortable for 3 to 5 years kids. Additionally, it has 70 lbs of weight capacity and color options.

Note: Overall dimension of this item matches a toddler or young kid’s bike not for more than 7 years.

7. Caterpillar toddler ride

Caterpillar toddler ride

Key Features:

  • Comes with rubberized traction control strips on the rear wheels
  • Realistic foot pedal accelerator
  • Have forward and reverse speed
  • A seatbelt for kids safety
  • Well construction
  • For ages 3 years to 5 years

Since this model reached the market it has gets popular for its realistic appearance and eye-catchy color for kids and their parents. Luckily, it is a combination of  CAT ATV 6V battery-powered Ride as well as On Toy from Kid Trax. It has a 60-pound weight capacity with 34.75 x 24.5 x 31.75 inches overall dimensions. For instance, rechargeable batteries and wall charger systems are more cannon choices for parents.

Children between 36 months to 60 months are really young to ride, but they are more interested to ride, while this 4-wheeler provides Power Trax rubber traction strip tires to stabilize the ride with both forward and reverse for the abrupt change of way. On the contrary seatbelt for more safety when your kid is busy driving.

It’s absolutely an ATV for kids who have the super capacity to go through the different kinds of terrains such as wet grass, over ruts, mud, gravel, and much more. Among more advanced features are real foot pedal acceleration for ultimate freedom to drive, working LED headlights like a real one, and finally realistic horn and engine noises that give your kids more fun riding this model.

Note: The warranty feature of this unit is very short, 1 year for full body with only 6 months for battery.

8. Children’s electric 4 wheeler

Childrens electric 4 wheeler

Key Features:

  • Featured with 4 knob off-road tires
  • Offered 3-speed setting
  • Equipped with a key for parent preferable lock
  • Powerful and robust construction
  • There are 4 choices of color
  • With full charge ready to ride for 2 hours

If your kid is more adventurous for a long time this product nicely matched for him or her. As this 4-wheeler have a real ATV appearance and setting. This has a 36-volt lead-acid battery, which runs for almost 2 hours for the ultimate pleasure for the young rider. I work with a 500 war powerful engine to not stop the 4 wheeler until; l your kid will not be satisfied. Several features make this more noticeable than others as realistic headlights, forward and reverse switch, and key start.

As this 4-wheeler highly commended for 3to 5 years kid safety features must strongly care. It allows 3-speed settings as high, medium, and low which brilliantly depends on the skill of the rider. You can use this qurd for practicing or training as they are engineered with durable materials as high strength steel and mind-blowing control features. There are key options for the parents through which they can set their motion as they don’t go far.

Through the 12 inches knobby pneumatic tire your rider without any rics drives the quad off-road. when the front and rear disc breaker offers more fun. Because of the good contraction, they have a lifetime frame warranty and 150 lbs weight capacity.  Moreover, they come in 4 beautiful colors which girls and boys both use. In the shipping package you will get all things with the charter, only get them together and ready to go.

Note: This product has only 60 days of warranty feature from manufacturers and this is quite small for more than 7 years old kids.

9. Kids’ electric four-wheeler

Kids electric four wheeler

Key Features:

  • Have 3 color options and it is suitable for both girls and boys
  • Safe to ride on different kinds of terrain.
  • Two speeds to choose between
  • 6V powerful battery
  • Very good sound system
  • Comes with a very cool ATV styling.

Many people will be shocked to find this stylish and functional ATV at such a cheap price. By the presence of exciting decals, working Led Headlights, an excellent dashboard realistic engine sound with a built-in horn enough to fall in love with your kids. Besides these, it has a powerful rechargeable better to enjoy long rides.

If your kid loves adventure this model offers him/her a bike with tread tires for nonstop fun in outdoor weather whether it is off-road on dirt, hard materials, grass, and gravel, and even in tough terrain with twigs and sticks. By choosing two slow and fast options to spread, your young rider can enjoy his freedom of drive. If your kid is a beginner it these the best selection for you, yet it has a max spread of 2mph. They have 66 lbs weight capacity with Three(Green, Red, and Pink) color options

The maintenance factor with constructed materials is really enchanting. While this unit is made from hard plastic and required “no” or low maintenance undoubtedly is the right choice for your kid. The Built-in music system is a bonus point to an over-pleasant ride. Together with reverse and forward gear switch, young riders can easily change direction safely with a fun and motoring experience

Note: Instructions might be a bit abstruse if you are not attentive to read them.

10. Yamaha raptor

Yamaha raptor

Key Features:

  • Officially licensed Yamaha product
  • It offers a maximum speed of  5 Km/h
  • For tough terrain and all-around use
  • Made with quality materials
  • Realistic design with attractive color
  • Extra traction wheels

Riding on this model of kids ATV is thrilling because it bears an attractive and sturdy appearance. Its scaled-down features give it a realistic look and functionality. On the other hand, it has a two-speed design with reverse. Whether extra traction wheel provides ultimate grip to go any kind of road safely.

After this, the combination of black and green makes it authentic among the 4-wheeler bikes for special boys. On the other hand, it is quad made from high quality that can go-rounds of the year without changing parts. Switching the handle and power knob makes it more convenient and safe for your kid.

 So, make sure your kid will be comfortable with this bike, even a bigger one. It has 12V battery power and 5 mph with reverse gear to frequent direction change smoothly. With this, your growing-on kid can go to an adventurous camp and outdoor. Truly speaking it is very easy to use and has smooth driving and the fastest charger system. For a restless and challenging boy, this one is a path to conquer his own world with it.

Note: For a few customers plastic tires are frustrating, but they are really superb.

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Four Wheelers for Sale Under 100 Dollars

Four Wheelers for Sale Under 100 Dollars

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: 6V 4.5AH
  • Speed: 3 KM / H
  • Maximum User Weight: 44 lb / 20kg
  • Main Material: PP, Iron
  • Cool and stylish ATV appearance is popular with kids
  •  ASTM certified for more safety.


You will get various types of Cheap 4 Wheelers under 500 Dollars available in the automobile market. But you should bear your mind that your purchase should suit your kid’s requirements and safety issues. But our above list is a perfect blending of all requirements and budgets to make happy kids as well as their parents. Several topics can be missed from your thought, but we are resolved to find the most suitable one at an affordable price.

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