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10 Best Hammer Drill in 2023

In the market of powered tools and especially electric ones, hammer drills are quite popular. In this article, we will be discussing a detailed discussion on the best hammer drill to buy in 2023. Hammer drills are pretty much similar to common drills. But the main difference is that a hammer drill has a hammering function. Which basically drives the drill bit into the material while the whole thing turns at the same time. 

Imagine this like a Corkscrew. As you are turning the Corkscrew, you’re also pushing it into the cork as well. This extra amount of impact helps the user a lot. The bit can easily go through tough materials. Especially hard materials like concrete or break or concrete blocks. It can make through these hard materials with much more ease. Both the drill and the user have a comparatively stress-free situation in terms of operating. In a standard drill, you would have to push the whole system into the hard surface to make it go through. But hammer drills will do the job for you. In this article, you will also find options for the best rotary hammer drill.

Such types of products are available in both corded and cordless models. For obvious reasons, the corded drills will provide better power output. As the total power source is much more powerful in comparison with a cordless drill. Cordless drills usually have a Decreasing power effect on their batteries. but corded bills will have a constant supply of power from the Direct Line. 

What is the best hammer drill? 

What is the best hammer drill? 

In this article, we are discussing the best hammer drill. Which one is actually the “best”, depends on the user and the nature of the job that you are getting the tool for. Because different people have different types of work to accomplish. And just because of that, the term best will be defined differently by the public in general. There are quite a few companies that are very well known for their manufacturing and quality assurance. Some of the companies include the names Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita, and so on. 

Some companies offer corded and cordless drill options. In this article, we will guide you through some of the best options that you can ever have! You can also get ideas for the best cordless hammer drill in this same article as well.

Different types of drills have different purposes. But we have tried and tested almost all of the products ourselves to give you the perfect list of the best hammer drills.  

Types of a hammer drill 

Types of a hammer drill 

Depending upon the performance capability, there are two types of hammer drills. 

1.     Corded 

2.     Cordless 

Cordless drills are basically operated with an attached set of batteries that comes along with the package. Such type of battery is quite capable of giving you just the power that you require. But there are downsides to it as well. Because the whole thing depends upon a battery cover it means that when the charge starts to deplete, the drill will become slower and slower making it quite hard to use. 

On the other hand, corded drills are best in terms of delivering power. But they are not ideal for moving around. If you are at a remote location, in that case, the corded drill will leave you with problems finding a power outlet. The best suggestion is that if you can afford it, try to get one of each type to have the best usability. 

You will have both the liberty of mobility with the tool, while also maintaining the ability to get the power where possible. 

1Best Cordless Hammer DrillBest Cordless Hammer DrillDriver 20VAuxiliary Handle2.0Ah Battery1H Fast Charger1500 RPM Speed$62.0070.00Check Latest Price
2Porter Cable Hammer DrillPorter Cable Hammer DrillCorded ElectricPORTER-CABLE110 VoltsSpeed 3100 RPM$63$80Check Latest Price

–Our Top Picks —

With all the introductory things sorted out, it’s now time for us to dive into the main part. The one that you are all waiting for. Here are our top 10 pics for the best hammer drills on the market. Do keep in mind that all of the products that are being discussed here are tested personally by our team and also cross-checked for the reviews that they have received in the market.

1. Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Best seller

Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Key Features:



  • Powerful motor
  • Four functions
  • User-friendly design
  • Safety Clutch 4 Functions
  • Vibration Control Including Grease
  • Drill Bits with Case

This is one of the most basic and the most common product on this list. But being common doesn’t mean that it is the saddest of them all. To be honest, all of the ten products that we have listed as our top picks for the best hammer drill, are simply the best in their class and also in the market. 

So let’s take a look at the details of this product. It is a one- and 1/4-inch SDS plus heavy-duty Rotary hammer drill. Rotary hammer drill means the hammer drill part will also stay in constant rotation while it is being hammered and also increases the control. The drill also comes along with its own safety clutch. The safety clutch is mechanized with four different functions. Functions include vibration control, grease, chisel, so on. It is always on the list if you want the best rotary hammer drill for any purpose.

If you are looking for something to drill through which is quite hard. Especially, concrete, stone, and small rock structures. It is one of the most perfect objects that you are going to find in the market. 

About this Product:

Powerful motor: the product features a 13-amp industrial motor. It is capable of producing the power of 5.5 feet per pound energy on heavy-duty concrete and metalworking projects. It is ideal for both concrete and metalworking projects as well as functioning as a normal drill. It also comes along with its dedicated clutch control function to have a better chisel effect. 

Four functions: the product comes along with four different functions of drilling. It is suitable for forward, concrete, and still, several other platforms. This drill can be also usable for chiseling, hammer drilling, and shift control. As is suitable for heavy-duty work, the drill features a chisel position at an adjustment adapter to adapt to a variety of situations.  

User-friendly design: the safety clutch mechanism is designed to guarantee the best comfort of the wrist of the user when the hammer is subjected to high torque force. It is also equipped with a 360 degrees adjustable handle that applies to different types of work and a highly enforced double-layer anti-vibration system with a soft grip designed to decrease the vibration effectively. It is both effective on the surface and also on the physical structure of the user itself. 

Drilling capacity: the maximum drilling diameter for this drill on concrete is 1 ¼ inch. And for metal, that diameter is half an inch. This Rotary hammer drill can reach 820 rotations per minute with no load speed and 4200bpm max impact frequency for the hammer drill. 


  • Usable for the most home project
  •  Wide application of usage
  •  Safety mechanism
  •  Reduced vibration
  •  Maximum power for budget
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  • Corded drill, less portable
  • One of the heavier items on the list

How to use this product? 

As far as usability goes, it is one of the most universal products on this list. And that is why it has made itself into the list of the best hammer drill. It is pretty much simple, the basic layout of the functions is given in the instruction manuals. But the main usage is really simple. You just need to plug in the drill with a power outlet and then you’re just ready to go. Make sure that you have read all of the safety class manuals and that’s it.

2. Best corded hammer drill

Best seller

Best corded hammer drill

Key Features:



  • Vibration dampener
  • 100pcs Drill Bit Set
  • Power Source Corded Electric
  • Multi-Color
  • Speed 3000 RPM

This is another amazing product within a limited budget range. If you are looking for home projects to be finished or even some extent of professional aspects, this drill has that covered. It comes along with its personalized 100 pieces drill bit set with a portable carry case.

This product is quite lightweight in the future and also it has the capability of providing sufficient power and impact frequency on hard surfaces such as concrete or metal. With that being said, let’s have a look at the specifications of the product itself before going on to the next part. 

About that Product:

Versatility: this drill has a high torque motor with a 7.5 amp power ratio. It is capable of putting a dent in both metals, and concrete, and also it has the capability of lower RPM feature so that it is able to handle even tightening screws. If you are looking for the perfect DIY tool for your garage, then this is just the solution. 

Half an inch heavy duty diameter: The half-inch heavy-duty Chuck allows the user for installing larger baits. Especially to power through heavy-duty jobs such as drilling through concrete or even working with metal. 

Speed control: the drill comes along with its two-stage finger variable speed trigger. This control provides increased control over speed regulation and also better power output for lower RPM. 

Comfortable for the user: The hammer drill is equipped with vibration suppressing equipment. It means that the drill is capable of suspending some of the extreme vibrations that go through the body of itself and along with the body of the user. This means that it is quite user-friendly in terms of the wrist pain that most people feel while using a hammer drill. 


  • Vibration dampener
  • Impact suspender
  • Best in low budget
  • Perfect DIY partner
  • 100 pieces drill bit set


  • Corded, less portable

How to use it?

While using this product, make sure that you have all the safety items needed. Because this is a hammer drill, it will put a lot of back force on the wrists. So wearing safety and working gloves are highly recommended for the user.

3. Best Cordless Hammer Drill

Best seller

Best Cordless Hammer Drill

Key Features:



  • Maximum power output
  • Portable
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • High-performance lithium battery

This is the first cordless drill that we are talking about in the list of the best hammer drills. Craftsman has been around the market of manufacturing handheld power tools for more than a decade. The reputation of this company goes way beyond just average. 

With half an inch cordless hammer drill insert, it is capable of producing the high-performance output of 280 unit watts out for heavy-duty job site applications. It is capable of bringing down chunks of concrete. Despite being such a small size, it is capable of pushing out more than 3000 BPM impact frequency on hard surfaces.  Before going on to more details about the product, let’s have a look at the specifications. 

About that Product:

Maximum power output: despite being a portable/ cordless motor, it is capable of producing 280 unit watts out and also 25,000 BPM for faster drilling on concrete and brick. 

Portable: it features a high-performance lithium-ion battery pack with rechargeable and extra battery units. It means that you and get the best performance in terms of battery backup. The battery also features a 60 minutes fast charging feature. This means that within 60 minutes, your battery will be fully charged and ready to go once again. 

2-speed gearbox: The portable hammer drill features a finger adjustable 2-speed gearbox. You can have better control while using it with just one hand as the position of the gear Switcher is located just within the fingers’ reach. 

High-performance lithium battery: the high-performance lithium charger provides 60 minutes of fast charging with a powerful battery that can provide ample runtime and increased performance. 


  • Cordless
  • Half-inch drill diameter with a high-performance motor
  • 25,000 BPM for faster drilling in concrete and brick
  •  2-speed gearbox
  •  High-performance lithium-ion batteries
  • Compatible with wall organization system, clip, and accessories


  • Less power in comparison with corded hammer drills

How to use this product? 

this product comes along with its own instruction manual and a package of the different parts. The main assembly of the drill is quite simple. Only the drill bits and the head will be attached separately. Which can be installed just within a Press of a button. And in separate packaging, you will receive the battery packs. You just need to clip on the battery packs to the bottom of the drill and then you are ready to go.

4. Best Dewalt drill

Best seller

Best Dewalt drill

Key Features:



  • Brushless Impact Driver
  • Speed 2000 RPM
  • Versatility of usage
  • Ultra performance motor

If having mobility and a lot of power is your style, then this is the perfect thing for you. As much as people prefer this product for DIY projects, very less often that they realize that it is one of the best professional portable power tools that you can get. 

The product is packed with tons of features as well as a portable carry bag which is ideal for professional usage. From the color contrast of the product to the usability, it is one of the best products to have for all-purpose usage. With more than 4700 positive ratings on Amazon, it is one of the best products that you can use for both personal projects and professional usage. Despite the fact that there are products with less price range, but they do not have this much amount of personality and usability. With that being said, let’s look at the specifications of this product.

About this Product:

The versatility of usage: the product is capable of taking on any project whether it is your personal DIY garage project or even it is a professional purpose. Even if you are a professional worker and you need an addition to your portable equipment, it is going to be one of the best to have things that you have in your inventory. 

Ultra performance motor: In terms of delivering a lot of power within a really short amount of time. The product features a unique and dedicated hyper for root systems out stem ensuring the best power-to-work ratio for most of personal projects. 

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Capability: despite being a portable product, it is capable of competing with the most powerful corded power drills that are available in the market. As far as hammer drills go, it is capable of pushing out more than 25,000 BPM of impact frequency which is quite impressive. 


  • High-performance battery capability
  • Long-lasting battery backup
  • Cordless
  • Shock absorbent handle


  • No additional drill bit said
  • Comparatively higher in the price range

How to use this product? 

This product comes along with its own distinguished packaging and carries a bag. Which is quite professional looking and also durable for long-lasting performance. This product comes in different small packages which include the drill part, main motor, body, and handle battery packs. It also provides a separate battery charger with a dedicated adapter. After charging the battery, you need to plug it underneath the user handle and then you’re good to go. 

5. Cheap Rotary Hammer Drill

Best seller

Cheap Rotary Hammer Drill

Key Features:



  • Optimized mechanism
  • Cordless
  • Durable motor
  • Compact size
  • Speed1500 RPM

With this product, we are jumping more into the professional territories here. As far as hammer drills go, this is one of the best go-to solutions for professionals. Even some of the businesses and companies that provide professional construction or building services are using this product. With more than a thousand positive reviews on the Amazon marketplace, this is one of the most heavy-duty products that you are going to get. 

As far as professional machinery goes, this product is quite lightweight in comparison. With a one-inch massive diameter with several options for drill bits, it has the capability of producing 1500 RPM of Rotary motor. Yet, the lightweight is quite astonishing as you would consider for a product of this capability. 

About This Product:

Optimized mechanism: the optimized mechanism provides even faster speed than corded hammer drills 

Cordless: being a cordless product, you can take this product anywhere with yourself. For any remote project in which you would have fewer chances of getting a power outlet. Or for a place where you need to work from the scratch. 

Durable motor: the German architecture of the motor and the body ensures the durable and long-lasting performance of the product itself. It is also capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and maintaining proper motor health in extreme heat or cold situations. 

Compact size: the size of this product is quite astonishingly small. Compared to the fact that it can be used as most professional tools, it is really compact and lightweight in size. Yet it is capable of delivering more power than some of the corded drills in this list.


  • Cordless
  • Compact size
  •  Lightweight
  • Heavy duty e
  • High-quality battery backup
  • 1 inch diameter


  • Battery backup is comparatively less due to heavy power output

How to use this product? 

The product can be mounted with several sorts of drilling and hammering attachments. After getting the item out of the packaging, you can simply just plug in the battery and start using it by connecting your desired drill bit. You can also use chiseling equipment for hammering through heavy items such as concrete or metal or wood.

6. Best Makita hammer drill

Best seller

Best Makita hammer drill

Key Features:



  • Powerful motor
  • Four functions
  • User-friendly design
  • Safety Clutch 4 Functions
  • Vibration Control Including Grease
  • Drill Bits with Case

D-Handles are one of the most useful things to have in a hammer drill. As far as the list of the best hammer drill goes, it is one of the most compact and commonly used products on this list. But common never means that it is not to be purchased. As ideal for most applications, this drill can be easily used by any type of person. 

The extended handle of the whole thing is capable of giving the user a better grip and also a better push-through effect too a hard surface. 

With 4500 RPM and 120 volts of motor, it is one of the most powerful hammer drills on today’s list. The seven amp motor delivers more than two feet per pound of impact energy to handle the most demanding applications. And the three-mode operation panel for rotation only, hammering and rotation, hammering only for multiple actions. It is one of the few budget hammer drills that give you the opportunity of isolating either pure drilling or pure hammering. 

About This Product:

Powerful motor: the motor is capable of producing 2 feet per pound pressure with 4500 RPM. It is also capable of producing up to 2000 BPM impact frequency on a hard surface is to ensure that you get through anything. 

Variable speed trigger: it has a 3-speed manual system with an isolation mechanism. You can either select drill only, rotation only, hammer only, or combine different modes together. 

Torque limiting clutch trigger: the clutch trigger is engineered to prevent gear damage by automatically disengaging gear if the bit attaches to one another. When you are changing your speed mechanism, the clutch allows the gearbox to be changed smoothly and not cause any further damage to the mechanism.


  • Powerful motor
  • Auto clutch mechanism
  • One-touch sliding Chuck
  • Quick bit changes
  • 120 Volt
  • 4500 RPM


  • Corded, makes it less portable for remote options

How to use the product? 

As this is a corded drill, having just the right power source is equally important as maintenance to ensure the long life of the product. It is ideal for the product to be corrected with a standard 220 Volt power outlet that you usually get in your house. But make sure that the outlet is capable of handling higher wattage of electricity. Once you plug the device in, you can easily start your work.

7. Best Cordless Hammer Drills

Best seller

Best Cordless Hammer Drills

Key Features:



  • Efficient battery pack
  • Brushless motor
  • 2-speed manual control
  • Speed 3400 RPM
  • Power Source- Battery Powered

If you want something that is both professional and also portable, then this is one of your best solutions. This manufacturer is quite popular in terms of making heavy machinery, especially in portable formations. With a carry case and its dedicated charging station, you can have the best usability ever. 

With three extended battery backs, you can easily charge two batteries with the charging station simultaneously while using the other one. This means that when you are done with the first battery back, you still have two different fully recharged battery packs on the go. Before saying anything else, let’s look at the specifications of the product. 

About this Item: 

Efficient battery pack: the product comes with three different battery bags. Making it one of the most usable products in the cordless section. You can easily charge the batteries and also they can be stored for more than six months while the minimum discharge possible. 

Brushless motor: the efficient brushless motor ensures the highest power output yet lowest power consumption from the batteries. Making it one of the most perfect cordless hammer drills ever. 

2-speed manual control: you can select between fast and slow to ensure the best usability. 


  • Efficient motor
  • 50% longer battery life
  • Brushless motor
  • 2-speed variable speed selector
  •  400 RPM
  • 1500 pounds of Max torque
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  • Not efficient for extremely heavy-duty works
  •  For a fully professional effect, the impact frequency might seem a little less

How to use the product? 

The product comes with its own bag with a charging station, DC adapter, and accessories such as battery packs and drill bits. You can also have an insert bit holder to have the best efficiency while working. After unpacking the product, you can simply plug in the battery and start using it. But make sure to have the batteries always fully charged. Also, there is an included instruction manual and a list of materials for which the hammer drill can be considered most efficient. 

8. ENEACRO,  Cheap rotary hammer drill

Amazon’s Choice

ENEACRO,  Cheap rotary hammer drill

Key Features:



  • 3-speed selection options
  • Vibration dampener
  • Powerful motor
  • Drilling capacity
  • Long-lasting

If going on with full force is your style, this is one of the perfect solutions. This drill features a safety clutch with three different functions. With one- and 1/4-inch SDS plus 12.5 amp heavy duty Rotary drill, you can basically penetrate and plow through anything. It is one of the best-corded hammer drills on today’s list.

About this item:

3-speed selection options: you can choose between different types of speed modes to access different sorts of work. It comes along with its own safety class to make sure that the equipment is not being damaged while changing the speed mode. 

Vibration dampener: the product is featured with an AD handle to make sure that you get the best power input and also reduced vibration on your wrist. The handles are equipped with small suspension technologies to ensure that the vibrations from the chisel and hammering through hard objects get dampened as much as possible. 

Powerful motor: the 12.5 amp industrial motor is capable of breaking through concrete, metalwork, wood, small metal structure, and so on. 

Drilling capacity: this drill can reach 800 RPM with no load speed and also more than 4300 BPM of Max impact frequency.


  • Powerful motor
  • Safety design
  • 3-speed selection
  • Safety clutch
  • High capacity drilling compatibility
  • Wide application


  • comparatively heavier in weight
  • Corded

How to use the product? 

It is ideal to plug in the product with any 220 Volt basic home power outlet. You need to make sure that the power outlet is capable of handling at least 15 amps of energy. Because even the voltage is just as you need. Still, the higher wattage capacity sometimes causes damage to the outlet. So make sure that you have a proper outlet that can compete with the higher consumption of electricity

9. Bosch hammer drill

Best seller

Bosch hammer drill

Key Features:



  • Double Handled system
  • Powerful motor
  • Dedicated carrying case
  • Max Rotary Hammer
  • SDS-plus Bulldog Xtreme

If you want the lightweight nature of a cordless hammer drill, yet the high performance of a corded one, then this is the perfect solution. This drill has been nicknamed the bulldog extreme Max. And that is of course for a reason. With a price tag of less than $250, It has more than 500 positive ratings on Amazon. Let’s look at the specifications. 

About this Item:

Double Handled system: dual handle makes sure that you have the best power and grip while using the equipment. 

Powerful motor: the 120 Volt brushless motor is compatible with drilling through anything and also hammering and chiseling through heavy-duty concrete, brick, wooden structures, and so on. 

Dedicated carrying case: It comes along with its own carrying case that is safely packed from the inside. Even if you drop the equipment while it’s inside its case, there is absolutely no damage whatsoever to the equipment itself.


  • High-Power Motor
  • Drill bit set included
  •  Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Vibration is high due to the lightweight nature

How to use the product? 

Make sure that you are wearing all safety equipment before using the product. While connecting it to a power outlet, make sure that all the switches on the product are turned off. Once done, turn the speed to the lowest and then gradually make your way up to the top speed available on the equipment.

10. KSEIBI 1-1/4 inch, Rotary Hammer Drill

Best seller

KSEIBI 1-1/4 inch, Rotary Hammer Drill

Key Features:



  • High power motor
  • Safety clutch
  • Vibration dampener
  • Power Source-Corded Electric
  • Speed-900 RPM

This is another corded option in today’s list. You can have a quarter-inch Rotary hammer drill with a 13-amp electric motor which is literally one of the most powerful motors on today’s list. This product sits on the list for the best hammer drill for concrete with ease. With so much power and usability, it is one of the bests in its class. It comes along with its safety clutch mechanism with more than 900 RPM and 4300 BPM of impact frequencies. 

About this Item:

High power motor: the motor is featured with 13 amp electric high power capability to make sure the ease of access to all sorts of work 

Safety clutch: the speed changing mechanism is equipped with a safety clutch to make sure that there is no damage made to the equipment or the gearbox while changing speed 

Vibration dampener: vibration dampeners and D handle make sure that the vibrations received from the device are reduced to the minimum level. 


  • High RPM motor
  • Heavy-duty compatible
  •  Easy to use
  •  Safety clutch


  • Priced higher than the others

How to use it?

As this product costs comparatively more than most of the other products in this list, proper maintenance is needed. Not because of the fact that the product is fragile, but mainly because the product is too performance-focused. This means that you need to keep all the items in proper check to ensure that the product is capable of giving its best at all times.

–Frequently Asked Questions–

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can sweaty hands cause a problem while using a hammer drill?

Of course, if you have a slippery hand while at work, it is possible that the high torque and impact frequency might make the equipment slip out of your hand. It is always wise to use safety equipment including hand gloves

2. Does a cordless hammer drill consume less electricity?

Of course. But you also need to consider that cordless hammer drills produce less amount of power output in comparison with the corded versions. So if you want more power, you have to compensate for the electricity consumption in that case. 

3. Is it possible to break through concrete blocks with a hammer drill?

Yes, it is. You can break through concrete blocks with a hammer drill while being on the hammering option. The impact frequency and the designated drill bit will help you to chisel through concrete blocks, wooden structures, and even some metal objects.


In this article, we have given you our top picks for the best hammer drill in the market. We are not comparing one product to another. We have gathered different products in different categories and different types of work. You need to consider the type of work that you are going to be using the equipment for. That will give you the best idea about what sort of product to purchase. 10 Best hammer drill to Buy in 2023

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