10x Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Decorating the kitchen is a difficult job because this space in the house must be very functional. Everything in the kitchen is used and has a function in the kitchen. Yet it is nice if there is also beautiful kitchen decoration here and there that gives the interior a little more atmosphere. This does not have to be exuberant, much or large so that you have enough space for all useful items in the kitchen.

The following ten examples of kitchen inspiration show how you can decorate the kitchen in a fun and attractive way with beautiful and even useful accessories! You can decorate with usable items in the kitchen, for example, with various wooden planks, trays, bowls and serving platters. By grouping them together in a fun way, a nice and cosy corner is created on the counter, a shelf or a cabinet.

1. A kitchen rack

A separate rack on the wall in the kitchen can be very useful for herbs, but also for other useful items such as a carafe, the most beautiful glasses, coasters, beautiful packaging, tools and storage jars. This way you can easily create more storage space and it also looks nice!

* MakeOver TIP: Glass storage jars are not only very handy, but also very stylish. Fill the jars with dried products such as pasta, rice and herbs. This way they not only have a longer shelf life, but also serve as an accessory in your kitchen. By displaying your food, your kitchen immediately looks a lot cozier!

2. A chalkboard wall

A chalkboard wall

An empty wall in the kitchen can be filled with frames, a wall rack or with chalk paint for the children! A fun way to keep the kids entertained while cooking. And of course also useful for you to write down your shopping list or a nice quote!

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3. Collection of cutting boards

Want to make such a cool statement wall with cutting boards? View the most beautiful cutting boards from our shop here!

A nice way to decorate your wall is to hang cutting boards on it. If you choose different sizes and shapes, this creates a playful whole that fits perfectly in the kitchen. Here you can see that only wooden cutting boards have been chosen, but cutting boards made of other materials
such as slate or marble would not look out of place here either.

4. A letterboard

A letter board can be a nice addition to your kitchen. You can put all kinds of funny quotes on it and if you get tired of it after a while you can change it again.

5. Eye-catching tableware

Eye-catching tableware

Is black and white your cup of tea? View the coolest black and white decoration for the kitchen here!

This kitchen is fully furnished with a sense of style and simplicity. The shelves on the wall are decorated with very cool black and white crockery, a beautiful glass teapot and even the olive oil bottle fits with it! All functional and useful items, but in a beautiful jacket! These kitchen accessories can be seen and it would be a shame if they were in a cupboard.

6. Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants

Shop the 10 coolest items to style your kitchen here!

*MakeOver TIP: Flowers, greenery and plants are also great mood makers in a kitchen. A number of herb plants or beautiful fresh flowers in pots on the wall. A fun and creative idea!

7. A display cabinet

A display cabinet

Of course the display cabinet is a must in a kitchen, but unfortunately, we don’t all have room for this. Beautiful open cabinets such as this one, for example, are the ideal furniture to decorate completely! This is where kitchen decoration really comes into its own.

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8. A tidy kitchen counter

A tidy kitchen counter

Do you want to keep the kitchen simple and sober? Then you hardly add any kitchen decoration! You can see this clearly in this example, where it was decided to only put down what is absolutely necessary. Because it has been chosen to place the knives, mortar and a pot with ladles on the counter, for example, it does not look bare. It all fits together well and is easy to access.

9. Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves

Do you also want to create this robust look in the kitchen?

You can choose to hang a wall rack, but shelves are also very practical. If you want to give the kitchen an open look, this is the solution. Wall cabinets provide a lot of storage space but take up a lot of space. If you choose deep shelves instead, you create the same space, but it looks much lighter.

* MakeOver TIP : A knife block is ideal for storing your knives. Instead of storing your knives in a knife block or drawer, you can also hang them up. Go for a 

magnetic knife block and display your knives in full glory. Also practical, because they are within reach and it remains clear.

10. A colourful food processor

A colourful food processor

Do you want to apply colour in the kitchen without grabbing the paintbrush? How about a colourful food processor? This one from Smeg is of course fantastic to see, so it really doesn’t have to be hidden in the back of the cupboard. You can also opt for a colourful kettle or a toaster. And if you choose, for example, the tea towels or washing-up brush in the same colour, your kitchen will have really nice colour accents. Colours like green and blue are nice and fresh, but ocher yellow is also a nice colour in the kitchen!

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As you can see, it is not difficult at all to decorate your kitchen nicely. Often the things you already have in the kitchen cabinets are beautiful enough. If you add something nice to the wall, such as a letterboard or a wall rack, your kitchen is already complete!